Being that it’s summer in Pasadena where the temperatures are measured in Kelvin, I decided to embark on white wine for my first wine blog.  First, let me say for everyday wines one does not need to spend a fortune.  I purchase most of my wines from Trader Joe’s which is replete with bargains.  Not only do I save money when I find a great wine at a great price, but on the flip side if the wine is a dud, I only spent a few bucks.

Tonight I am drinking an Argentinean Torrontes from Amancay winery.   Torrontes is a Spanish grape variety traditionally from La Rioja area of Spain.  This is a very easy drinking light wine with lite body and low acidity with a light stone fruit finish.  There is not a lot of flavor on the front end but it is typical of Spanish wines as it has a light petrol essence.  On the nose I found hints of citrus and more pronounced honeysuckle.   This is not a heavy hitting wine by any means but for every day or a light lunch party on a warm afternoon I think you would find this wine to be very refreshing.  It only cost $4.99 at TJ’s.

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