Back to wine and cooking.

Hi again fans,

It’s a little hot here in Pasadena, so my cooking has been slowed down a bit.  That did not stop me from cooking an old standard:  Lemon rosemary chicken with capers.  I decided to put the pieces of chicken over a Greek salad instead of cooking a side vegetable and starch.

Simple dish to cook.    1  Cut chicken breast into strips, while heating up a sauté pan with butter, garlic and rosemary.  2  squeeze fresh lemon juice on chicken, drench in flour(optional),  3  Sear chicken strips in butter and garlic until golden brown on both sides.  4 Add capers, more rosemary and white wine (I like a New Zealand style Pinot Grigio).  Add just enough white wine so that the chicken is about halfway submerged.  Continue simmering for a few minutes and remove the chicken.  5  Add more butter to thicken the sauce, salt and pepper to taste.   I like to put the chicken on sautéed Swiss Chard and a side of Basmati rice.  6  When the sauce thickens pour on top of chicken.  7  Enjoy

I bought a bottle of Torrontes, a Spanish variety from Argentina.  I will open it tomorrow and tell you about it.

Thanks for reading.

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