Is There A Word Worst?

What is the meaning of worst worst?

Worst describes something as being bad in the highest degree possible.

Worst is also used to mean a thing that is the baddest possible and to mean something done in the baddest manner possible.

Worst has several other senses as an adjective, adverb, noun, and verb.

Worst is a superlative of the word bad..

What’s a better word for worst?


What word has a feeling of great joy or happiness?

ElationElation is defined as a feeling of great happiness or joy.

Do your worst meaning?

phrase [VERB inflects] If someone does their worst, they do everything unpleasant that they can possibly do. You can say ‘do your worst’ to show someone that you are not frightened of what they may do.

Is there such a word as worst?

Worst means “worse than all the others; least helpful or skillful; most unfavorable or corrupt.” X Research source Worst is a form of the word bad. Use worst to state that one thing is inferior to multiple other things. Worst is a superlative adjective.

Is the word worst a superlative?

Worst is a superlative adjective, used when we compare something to MULTIPLE other things.

What is more than worst?

Worst Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for worst?poorestlousiestuncanniesteeriestdeadliestgnarliestripestflattestworst-temperedweakest229 more rows

How do you spell worst?

Correct spelling for the English word “worst” is [wˈɜːst], [wˈɜːst], [w_ˈɜː_s_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What is the positive of worst?

Comparative Form and Superlative Form (irregular comparisons)positive formcomparative formsuperlative formbad / illworseworstlittle (amount)lessleastlittle (size)smallersmallestmuch / manymoremost9 more rows

Is has gotten correct?

Is “Gotten” Correct? People in the United States and Canada use gotten for the past participle of got in most cases. People in English-speaking countries outside of the United States and Canada usually use got.

What is the opposite of worst?

Antonym of WorstWordAntonymWorstBestGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the superlative of less?

littlestSome have more than one option: little can become littler or less (comparative), and littlest or least (superlative). Many, some, or much become more in the comparative and most in the superlative. Some common irregular adverbs are well, better, best and badly, worse, worst.

What’s worse in a sentence?

Examples of worse in a Sentence Adjective His schoolwork got worse after his parents split up. Her second book was worse than her first one. Her first book was bad, but her second one is even worse. This one is no worse than that one.

When should I use better or best?

When you use best, you say it in absolute terms. While better is used in relative terms. “Better” is a comparative, i.e. it is a relationship between two things. “Best” is a superlative, i.e. it states the position of this one thing compared to all the other things under discussion.

Which is correct worse or worst?

‘Worse’ and ‘worst’ can both function as adjectives, adverbs, and nouns. ‘Worse’ is a comparative that describes something that’s bad in relationship to something else, while ‘worst’ is a superlative that describes something that is as bad as it can be.

What does the word worst mean?

1 : most corrupt, bad, evil, or ill his worst fault. 2a : most unfavorable, difficult, unpleasant, or painful the worst news your worst enemy.