Question: What Is The Definition For Established?

How do you use the word established?

Established sentence exampleOkay, we’ve already established that Alex is secretive.

There are no established trails, but I’ve been in that area before.

We’ve already established that.

He had by that statement firmly established his position for the future.More items….

What is the definition of establish justice?

Justice is certainly achieved when persons with equal qualifications receive equal treatment from the government. For example, a government establishes justice when it equally guarantees the human rights of each person within its authority.

What does it mean to establish laws?

To enact permanently. To bring about or into existence. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. … To make or form as, to establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies, which evidently does not mean that these laws shall be unalterably established as justice. 3.

What is the antonym of established?

Antonyms: unrecognised, unsettled, native, unestablished, unproven, unorthodox, unrecognized, unproved. Synonyms: realised, accomplished, complete, naturalized, constituted, conventional, realized, effected, completed. conventional, established(adj)

What does Established mean in business?

Home » Established Businesses. An established business is one that has obtained a reputation for a specific product, service, process, or platform. Most established companies will aim to continue to grow and develop their customer base within their particular industry.

What does established date mean?

Definition: The date on which the organization was established. Purpose: Gives the beginning of the chronological range within which the organization existed.

What is another word for solidification?

What is another word for solidification?hardeningcalcificationfreezingossificationpetrificationsettingsolidifyingstiffeningcasehardeningpreservation5 more rows

How do you write Established in short form?

The correct abbreviation for established is est. For example: The organization, est.

What does Established mean?

1 : accepted and recognized or followed by many people established rules/customs/traditions. 2a : successful for a long period of time and widely known an established author/artist an established law firm …

What is an example of establish?

The company has established itself as a leader in the industry. As a young doctor he worked hard to establish himself in the community. They want to establish their children in the family business. She established a system of tracking expenses more accurately.

What part of speech is the word establish?

verb (used with object)

How do you write the date established?

Est. is primarily used to mention establishment dates, and it’s almost universally followed by a date. While using it for the other meanings isn’t inaccurate it is incredibly rare, so people might not understand the meaning you are trying to convey at first. Some examples of when to use Est: Ruby Park, Est.

What is the synonym of established?

Synonyms. affirm sustain support substantiate show demonstrate confirm prove contradict prove oneself negate stultify corroborate shew.

What’s another word for settle down?

What is another word for settle down?descendsettlefalldropsinklandperchtouch downlightalight11 more rows

What is the difference between founded and established?

Basically, “founded” refers to the start of something rather official, while “established” refers to the beginning of something that has remained, and something can be established over a longer period of time. … For example my father founded an organisation but the establishment of firm is done by me.