Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Comprehend?

What is an example of comprehension?

The definition of comprehension refers to your ability to understand something, or your actual understanding of something.

An example of comprehension is how well you understand a difficult math problem.

Thorough understanding..

Is there a difference between understand and comprehend?

From the Merriam-Webster definition of understand: UNDERSTAND and COMPREHEND are very often interchangeable. … That is, both words mean “grasp the meaning of,” but in some cases understand stresses the final result, while comprehend stresses the process of getting there.

What is a comprehension problem?

Reading comprehension problems occur when there is an inability to grasp the meaning of words, phrases, and paragraphs. Signs of reading difficulty include problems with: Letter and word recognition. Understanding words and ideas.

What is comprehension in simple words?

The word comprehension means understanding. … Comprehension actually comes from the Latin term, comprehensionem, which means “a seizing.” When you have comprehension of a subject, you have seized information and incorporated it into your own knowledge.

What are the four types of comprehension?

There are four types of comprehensions in Python:list comprehension.generator comprehension.set comprehension.dictionary comprehension.Nov 18, 2020

What is opposite of noisy?

What is the opposite of noisy?quietsilentrestfulhalcyonuntroubledmutedmutearcadianinaudiblequieted24 more rows

How do you spell comprehend?

verb (used with object) to understand the nature or meaning of; grasp with the mind; perceive: He did not comprehend the significance of the ambassador’s remark. to take in or embrace; include; comprise: The course will comprehend all facets of Japanese culture.

What is the synonym of comprehend?

understand, apprehend, conceive, fathom, grasp, know, make out, perceive, see, take in.

What does can’t comprehend mean?

If you cannot comprehend something, you cannot understand it. [formal] I just cannot comprehend your attitude. Synonyms: understand, see, take in, perceive More Synonyms of comprehend.

What’s the opposite of comprehend?

What is the opposite of comprehend?excludeomitmiss outexceptprecluderule outeliminatediscludedisregarddismiss9 more rows

How do you use the word comprehend?

Comprehend sentence exampleOnly a handful of human minds can comprehend his work. … I tried to comprehend his thought process but I found it irrational. … We cannot comprehend either the Emperor’s aims or his actions! … Deidre struggled to absorb the wild story, unable to comprehend most of it.More items…

What is the opposite meaning of Frank?

Antonyms for frank evasive, lying, ambiguous, timid, indirect, different, dishonest, unclear, uncommon, vague, abnormal, insincere, secretive, shy, meek, devious.

Which word you can use in place of comprehend?

The words appreciate and understand are common synonyms of comprehend. While all three words mean “to have a clear or complete idea of,” comprehend may stress the process of coming to grips with something intellectually.

What is the difference between comprehension and apprehension?

Apprehend vs. Comprehend “Apprehend” means to take into custody or grasp mentally. While “apprehend” sometimes means “understand,” it is best to use “comprehend” because it’s easier for most people to understand. … “Comprehend” means to grasp mentally or understand fully.

What’s your apprehension?

1 : suspicion or fear especially of future evil : foreboding an atmosphere of nervous apprehension. 2 : seizure by legal process : arrest apprehension of a criminal. 3a : the act or power of perceiving or comprehending something a person of dull apprehension.

What is the difference between birth and berth?

The noun berth refers to a place to sleep (usually on a train or ship), a place for a boat to moor, or a person’s place or position on a team. … The noun birth refers to the arrival of a baby (that is, the emergence of an infant from its mother’s body) or to the beginning of something.

What is the meaning of comprehending?

transitive verb. 1 : to grasp the nature, significance, or meaning of unable to comprehend what has happened. 2 : to contain or hold within a total scope, significance, or amount …

What word means unable to comprehend or understand?

unintelligibleSomething unintelligible is difficult to understand, either because the room is too noisy or because the unintelligible thing is too quiet or confusing. … If you can’t hear or understand something, it’s unintelligible (and probably frustrating too).