What Is 8 Thousands Divided By 10?

How do you divide a number by 10?

Here’s the rule for dividing by 10: move the decimal point one place to the left.

Place value is the value of a digit based on its location in the number.

Beginning with a decimal point and moving left, we have the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, and millions.

We could go on forever!.

How is 9 Ten Thousands written?

Answer: The standard form of nine ten thousand is 90,000.

How do you divide a number by 100?

To divide a whole or a decimal number by 100, move the decimal point two places to the left. Note that although a whole number does not have a decimal point, we can always add it at the end of the number. (For example, 35 and 35. are the same numbers.)

What does 10 times the value mean?

So in the number 44,000 the digit in the ten thousands place is 10 times the value of the digit in the thousands place because you have moved one place to the left.

Why do you add a zero when multiplying by 10?

In the second multiplication, one has to add a zero in the ones place. This is because we’re actually multiplying by a multiple of ten (such as 70 or 40).

How many hundreds are in a thousand?

NumberNameHow Many1,000one thousandten hundreds10,000ten thousandten thousands100,000one hundred thousandone hundred thousands1,000,000one millionone thousand thousands1 more row

What is 4 thousands divided by 10?

Divide Multiple Copies Of One Unit By 10 Change each thousand for 10 smaller units. 4 thousands can be changed to be 40 hundreds because 4 thousands and 40 hundreds are equal. 4 thousands ÷ 10 is 4 hundreds because 4 thousands unbundled becomes 40 hundreds. 40 hundreds divided by 10 is 4 hundreds.

What is 7 thousands 4 tens divided by 10?

Step-by-step explanation: 7000 + 40 (7 thousands + 4 Tens) Divide that by 10.

How do you divide a whole number by a power of 10?

To divide by a power of 10, simply move the decimal to the left the same number of places as the exponent or as the number of zeros. Example: (Note: The decimal of a whole number is always to the right of the one’s place.) Another Way to Indicate Division by a power of 10 is to multiply by 10 to a negative exponent.

How many zeros does 10 thousand have?

410,000/Number of zeros

In which number does the 5 represent a value 10 times?

35,187The 5 value is at thousand. A value 10 times the value represented by the 5 in 35,187 is given by any number placed in ten thousand place.

How is 26 thousands 13 Hundreds written?

13 hundred means 1300. So, 26 thousands 13 hundreds means 26000+1300=27300.

What does 15 TENS mean?

If you have 15 tens this means that you are adding 10, 15 times or multiplying 10 by 15, which gives you 150. If you have 7 ones, you are adding 1, 7 times or multiplying 1 by 7. Once you add 150 and 7 you gain 157.

How do you explain dividing by 100?

To divide by 100, move each digit two place value columns to the right. If the number ends in two ‘0’ digits in the tens and units columns, dividing by 100 has the same effect as removing these digits. To divide by 100, move all digits two place value columns to the right.

What is a ten number?

What is number ten? In mathematics, the number 10 represents a quantity or value of 10. The whole number between 9 and 11 is 10. The number name of 10 is ten. Little Sera is showing 10 fingers.

How many hundreds are there in 5000?

50 hundreds is another way to say 50 x 100, which is 5000.

What is 7 ten times the value of?

According to question, the value of 7 ten times the value of 7 in the number 1273. So, 7 should be in the hundreds place. for example , it must be look like 1723.

How many thousands are in a million?

1000 thousandsA million is 1000 thousands, a billion is 1000 millions, and a trillion is 1000 billions.