What Is An Antonym For Establish?

What is another word for unbiased?

Some common synonyms of unbiased are dispassionate, equitable, fair, impartial, just, and objective.

While all these words mean “free from favor toward either or any side,” unbiased implies even more strongly an absence of all prejudice..

What’s the opposite of establish?

What is the opposite of establish?disprovechallengecontradictdiscreditinvalidateopposerebutrefutecounterdeny91 more rows

What is the synonym of establish?

verb. ( ɪˈstæblɪʃ) Establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment. Synonyms. affirm sustain support substantiate show demonstrate confirm prove contradict prove oneself negate stultify corroborate shew.

What part of speech is establish?

transitive verb. 1 : to institute (something, such as a law) permanently by enactment or agreement. 2 obsolete : settle sense 7. 3a : to make firm or stable.

What is another word for governed?

SYNONYMS FOR govern 2 control, sway, influence, conduct, supervise, superintend.

What are the 10 examples of antonyms?

10 examples of Antonymsmonarchy and democracy.truth and lie.good and bad.enemy and friend.antonym and synonym.love and hate.hi and bye.happy and sad.More items…

What does gouge mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to scoop out with or as if with a gouge (see gouge entry 1 sense 1) 2a : to force out (an eye) with the thumb. b : to thrust the thumb into the eye of. 3 : to make (someone) pay too much for something : overcharge.

What is an antonym for initiate?

Antonyms for initiate. close (down), phase out, shut (up)

What is an antonym for define?

define. Antonyms: confound, confuse, obscure, mystify, misstate, misconceive, misconstrue, misdefine. Synonyms: mark out, limit, designate, specify, eliminate, elucidate, explain, fix, settle, determine, bound.

What are antonyms give 5 examples?

Antonym ExamplesAchieve – FailGiant – DwarfRandom – SpecificArrogant – HumbleKnowledge – IgnoranceSingle – MarriedAttack – DefendLiquid – SolidSunny – CloudyBlunt – SharpMarvelous – TerribleTimid – BoldBrave – CowardlyNoisy – QuietToward – Away15 more rows

What’s another word for define?

What is another word for define?describestateexpoundexpresselucidatetermcharacterclarifyconstruedenominate231 more rows

What is the mean of initiate?

1 : to cause or facilitate the beginning of : set going initiate a program of reform enzymes that initiate fermentation. 2 : to induct into membership by or as if by special rites. 3 : to instruct in the rudiments or principles of something : introduce.