What’S Another Word For Established?

What is an antonym for establish?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms establish.

Antonyms: suppliant, unsettle, break-up, disestablish, misstate, confute, refute upset, subvert, presume, suppose, guess, conjecture, surmise.

Synonyms: plant, fir, settle, found, demonstrate, organize, confirm, institute, prove, substantiate..

What are synonyms for principle?

other words for principlebasis.doctrine.ethic.foundation.precept.proposition.rule.truth.

How do you use the word established?

Established sentence exampleOkay, we’ve already established that Alex is secretive. … There are no established trails, but I’ve been in that area before. … We’ve already established that. … He had by that statement firmly established his position for the future.More items…

How do you use established?

In English, established is used as an adjective and a verb. The correct abbreviation for established is est. For example: The organization, est.

Is established and founded the same thing?

Basically, “founded” refers to the start of something rather official, while “established” refers to the beginning of something that has remained, and something can be established over a longer period of time. … For example my father founded an organisation but the establishment of firm is done by me.

What is another word for establish?

SYNONYMS FOR establish 1 form, organize. 3 verify, substantiate. 6 decree.

What is the definition for established?

1 : accepted and recognized or followed by many people established rules/customs/traditions. 2a : successful for a long period of time and widely known an established author/artist an established law firm …

What is another word for governed?

SYNONYMS FOR govern 2 control, sway, influence, conduct, supervise, superintend.

What is another word for governing body?

other words for governing bodyadministration.authority.committee.government.ministry.assembly.bureau.bureaucracy.

Is governed a word?

1. To make and administer the public policy and affairs of (a state, for example); exercise sovereign authority over. 2. To control the speed or magnitude of; regulate: a valve that governs fuel intake.