Whats The Opposite Of Bragging?

What is the opposite of noticeable?

Antonyms: undistinguished, imperceptible, insignificant, unperceivable, weak, unnoticeable.

Synonyms: obtrusive, detectable.

detectable, noticeable(adj).

What is the opposite of oblivious?

Antonyms: aware(p), cognizant, attentive, cognisant. forgetful, oblivious(adj)

What is the opposite of a prude?

Opposite of a person who is excessively modest or prim, esp. regarding sex. immoralist. carefree person. laid back person.

What is another word for not noticeable?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unnoticeable, like: obscure, inconspicuous, invisible, unobtrusive, impalpable, imperceptible, imponderable, indiscernible, indistinguishable, insensible and intangible.

What do you call an oblivious person?

1. disregardful. Inconsiderate, thoughtless, heedless regardless.

Is oblivious a word?

adjective. unmindful; unconscious; unaware (usually followed by of or to): She was oblivious of his admiration. forgetful; without remembrance or memory: oblivious of my former failure.

What is an antonym for gloat?

gloat. Antonyms: avoid, shun, loathe, abominate. Synonyms: revel, glut, feast.

What’s a word for noticeable?

Some common synonyms of noticeable are conspicuous, outstanding, prominent, remarkable, salient, and striking.

Is Prude a bad word?

Use prude to describe someone who is too concerned with being proper or modest. It is a derogatory label affixed most often to people who are not forthcoming romantically — and it’s not very nice. … That’s not a bad thing, but prude is usually an insult. A prude might gasp when someone says a bad word.

What’s a prude girlfriend?

A prude (Old French prude meaning honourable woman) is a person who is described as (or would describe themselves as) being concerned with decorum or propriety, significantly in excess of normal prevailing standards. … He or she may be perceived as being more uncomfortable than most with sexuality or nudity.

What does prude mean example?

The definition of a prude is a very proper and modest person. An example of a prude is a person who wears a lot of clothing in the summer to cover their bodies because they don’t want to show their bare skin.

What is an oblivious person?

Oblivious (adjective): not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around you. Simply put, oblivion is the state of being “unmindful,” not conscious, or unaware. Have you ever been around someone who is oblivious? … On the other hand, have you observed someone with high levels of self-awareness?