Who Is An Imposter?

What is an imposter person?

: a person who deceives others by pretending to be someone else.



Who is an imposter in among us?

At the start of each round, players are assigned one of two roles: either a “Crewmate” who has to complete simple tasks and survive or the “Imposter” whose goal is to kill the crew. However, 90 percent of the time you end up being a crewmate.

Who is game level 3 who is an imposter?

Answer: pick up the bottle and throw water to the right lady. About Who Is?

What is the difference between imposter and impostor?

Imposter is an alternative spelling of the same noun. Impostor is the proper spelling of this word, but imposter has also appeared frequently for several centuries. … Similarly, both sides of the Atlantic seem to agree on this spelling, as impostor is the more common spelling in both American and British English.